Craig Cartner

Managing Partner - Victoria / WA

  • 31+ years private equity, chartered accounting and corporate restructuring
  • Current directorships include GoGet, Fuelfix, NW Group, Askin, Blackmount, Guest Group and AFS Logistics
  • Formerly with AMP Capital Investors, Grant Thornton
  • Bachelor of Commerce (University of NSW)

Tim Spencer

Managing Partner - NSW

  • 33+ years private equity, strategy consulting, operations management and new business ventures
  • Current directorships include Ekera Dental, Fitness Passport, Quantum Radiology, Best Health Solutions, Royans Group and Cosette
  • Formerly with McKinsey & Company, General Electric, Emerson, Schneider Electric SE
  • BA Finance (Kent State University), MBA (Case Western Reserve University), Graduate of General Electric Management Program

Scott Greck

Managing Partner - QLD/SA

  • 28+ years private equity, banking and operations management
  • Current directorships include Laser Clinics Australia and Compass Corp
  • Formerly with Henderson Global Investors, Citibank, PBL Media and TNT Express
  • MA Finance (University of Technology Sydney), Bachelor of Commerce (University of Wollongong)

Jose Matosantos

Partner - NZ

  • 21+ years private equity, strategy consulting and operations management
  • Current directorships include Plan B and M&J Chicken
  • Formerly with Monitor Group
  • BA (Amherst College), MBA (Kellogg School of Management)

Alistair Newmarch

Investment Director

  • 18+ years private equity, corporate advisory and due diligence
  • Formerly with Ernst & Young
  • BA Geography (Loughborough University), MA Geography (Cambridge University), Associate Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand

Adam Foster

Investment Director

  • 19+ years private equity, due diligence and strategy consulting
  • Formerly with Ernst & Young and KPMG
  • BA Management Studies (Nottingham University), Chartered Accountant (ICAS)

Denis Heizmann

Investment Director

  • 15+ years private equity and banking
  • Formerly with National Australia Bank
  • Bachelor of Business (Queensland University of Technology)

Adam St John

Investment Director

  • 13+ years private equity and investment banking
  • Formerly with UBS and National Australia Bank
  • Bachelor of Business (Queensland University of Technology), BSc Biochemistry (University of Queensland)

Alex Huynh

Investment Manager

  • 10+ years private equity, venture capital and strategy consulting
  • Formerly with AMP New Ventures and Strategy&
  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies with Honours (Australian National University)